Routing Numbers

Citibank routing number

Citibank is a popular bank and this bank has been serving in the USA for a long time. Currently, this bank has a lot of branches in multiple countries. So, these banks need to do transection online and wired as well. For online transaction and wire transection, it uses many methods and Citibank routing number is one of the common methods what has secured the transaction. Many banks and financial institutes use the routing number for securing the transaction. Citibank routing number is used for the Citibank and it follows different methods for using the Citibank routing number. The methods of creating routing numbers may vary bank to bank.

The Citibank routing number is also a 9-digit number. The Citibank routing number looks like other banks routing number and it sits beside with the account number and with different symbols. ABA Routing Number is used in United State and ABA Routing Number is also used in the Citibank. The Citibank routing number is necessary for everything from the security. The Citibank routing number is also found a lower corner of the below of the check. The Citibank routing number is surrounded by two different symbols what distinguish the Citibank routing number from the account number of the account holder of the Citibank.


The Citibank has more than 15 routing numbers and those numbers are specific for each branch. The user does not need to know detail about the Citibank routing number but from the Citibank website, it is very easy to know about the Citibank routing number. For the online transaction and direct deposit purpose, the Citibank routing number is used. The bank may ask you to use the correct Citibank routing number for the transaction. For the online and wire transection, the Citibank routing number is used for locally but Swift code is used for the international transection with all banks.