Routing Numbers

PNC routing number

PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. is also known as PNC. This is one of the major financial organization which is situated in America. This organization provides financial service in the USA. This bank has 2600 branches and it is common that the transections held among these branches and other banks in America by PNC. Security is the very necessary thing for the financial organizations and account holders. That is why, all banks take some steps and PNC also provides all the same features what give the security for the transaction. Transection may hold online, wired and direct. PNC routing number is one common security feature for the PNC. There are many PNC routing numbers available and those are 021201943, 021202191, 031001175, 031203999 and more. All of these PNC routing numbers are also ABA routing numbers which are also called transit routing number.

The PNC routing number is a set of number where all contents are numbers. In this PNC routing number, there is no place for other things like a letter. The PNC routing number is bind of different symbols. With the PNC routing number, you will see account number and serial numbers what are also important things for the transaction. All of the banks and PNC help account holders to describes the routing numbers. If the account holder of the PNC wants to know any information, then he should visit PNC website to know PNC routing numbers.


PNC account holder can retrieve the PNC routing number from the online of the PNC. The user needs to log in the account and select an account. See the at the transection section of the account activity page and the user will get the image of the PNC routing number. The number looks like above picture. It is very easy for collecting routing number form the check and online.