Routing Numbers

Suntrust routing number

SunTrust Banks, Inc. is a bank of the USA. It is one of the largest bank in USA. It was established 1985 and since 1985, it has given its best service for the USA customers. This banks provides all types if features for the account holders. It allows all old and new features securing the transaction. This bank has 1,497 branches. For the transection, like all USA banks it uses ABA routing number. The ABA routing number is available for USA. When USA banks make transection, then some features are used for security purposes and ABA routing number is one of those features. For the SunTrust Banks, Inc., ABA routing number is also called SunTrust routing number. The routing numbers hold some information about the bank and branches. The SunTrust routing number is important for the transection of online, wired and direct.


It is found that SunTrust routing number are four and those are 051000020, 053100465, 061000104 and 064000046. If any member wants to know any information about any routing number of SunTrust, then he should contact the SunTrust branch. All of the major banks help members about the routing number and SunTrust brand is not beyond it. The account holder can visit SunTrust website as well for checking the SunTrust routing number. The number of the SunTrust routing number is found below of the check. Those numbers are divided into 3 parts. The first part is called SunTrust routing number or SunTrust routing transit number. The second part is account number of the account holder. The third part is ACH routing number and the fourth part is Check number. For getting more help, the user should contact the bank directly. Different banks are using this routing transit code for a long time and it is found very secured account number which is very difficult to crack.